Warwick Landscapes in Abstract: Fall Into Winter

Last summer I created a collection of work during a plein air painting holiday in County Meath, Ireland. This Fall I was reminded of the lush green landscape of Ireland and decided to paint our beautiful Warwick Landscape. This series of paintings "Fall into Winter" was created on location inspired by Upper and Lower Wisner Road, Ochs Orchard, and Applewood Orchards. 

My paintings are inspired by life and movement - movement of the horse, the figure, the landscape. 

The foundation of my work is laid out in lines and marks. I often begin a painting by attaching charcoal and brushes to lengths of reed to enhance the gestural qualities of a piece. I then move closer, working in an additive and subtractive process, manipulating the surface until I’ve captured the essence of the form. The relationship between the abstract and the figurative is an essential element of my art.

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