INNERrOUTe - a CD Review

INNERrOUTeIf you're hoping to read the usual CD review, it's not happening.  What is happening is live improvisational music.  And it's being performed by INNERrOUTe.

 Rather then discuss the tunes, the details of what happens, I'd like to respect what strikes me most about the CD. Artistic courage.

 Living in the moment and capturing a recording of it is one thing.  Having the artistic courage to release it is another.  Michael D'Agostino, drums, Bill McCrossen, bass, Rick Savage, trumpet and Joe Vincent Tranchina, keyboards took a collective leap of faith.   Who does that these days?

 I've listened to this, not as a musician who has worked with these wonderful musicians, but as curious listener.  And not with the “for musicians ears only” perspective.   This music is accessible.

 The magic, which happens in the improvisational moment, is self-evident.   It's not about the academic analysis.  The listener is drawn in.  It's your own valid experience.   You don't need a guidebook, or musician to get inside this.

 I recommend getting this CD. Why?

 Maybe it'll remind you of Miles, or Weather Report or Sun Ra or Anthony Braxton.   Maybe for you, it's a film score, and ambient vibe or a completely different take.   Good.   There is no singular definition or high ground subjective description.   Yours is as valid as the next.

 INNERrOUTe is none of the above, it's fresh because it happened in the moment.  Fortunately for them and now us, they recorded it!

 As musicians define their own identity and signature to their playing, it's a customized brew of their preferences and influences.   If you hear Bitches Brew or any of the aforementioned, it's not a function of an intended choice.  I for one am glad to hear a little bit of this.  At a time when the preservation of jazz in the mainstream revisits early bop and straight ahead, I love that this CD takes me to the '70's mind set.  Good for them, that was happening music.

 This is wonderful stuff and rather then color your opinion by reviewing each track, I think the spirit of the music and it's genuine intent is to experience it as it was created.  Without preconception. In the present.

 So, do yourself a favor and disregard the little bit of interpretation I've given and trust your own.  You'll not be disappointed.

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Steve Rubin is the producer of the Warwick Valley Jazz Festival and drummer for the Skye Jazz Trio.