Project Knomad Comes of Age

Local artist and skateboarder Ian Sharp inspired many in his dream of bringing community together through creativity and the Arts. After his death on March 25th, 2012, his family and friends came together to continue his creative legacy, developing his ideas as the Art of IS. When they heard Ian’s fellow skateboarder Jon Lawrence was talking with local skaters about a way to make Warwick’s skate park better the two groups came together.

projectnomadphotoProject Knomad is fast becoming the hub of a wheel of creative spokes for community driven ideas and endeavors. Starting with the initiative called PK Skate Park, Project Knomad is bringing together Warwick youth and community to improve the park while working on creating a better one. The PK Skate Team consists of Jon, local skaters and Softrucks inventor, Joe Raia. The team is busy creating video, proposals and a petition to collect signatures of support while working on designs for t-shirts, stickers and skateboards.

Moving forward, Project Knomad anticipates more connection with the Warwick community, planning events that everyone can enjoy. Plans include the aforementioned improvement project, art exhibit, creative activities and a community picnic to take place this spring, summer and early fall.

PK Skate Team recently participated in a Team Building Workshop given by team skills facilitator, Lisa Coffey. Games focusing on developing trust, communication, values, goals and team work skills were enjoyed by the participants. More arts and creativity workshops are planned.

To become part of Project Knomad or for more information, visit our Facebook Page -  or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.