The World is Wide Open (4/19-4/26) (2)

Last Sunday afternoon at the Breezy Point Inn, I had the pleasure of going to a Fashion Show that featured some of the clothing of the Depot and The Style Counsel (See our photo album on FB). I had gotten a last minute email by Mark Levy, owner of the Depot, reminding me of the event, which I failed to put on our events calendar.

I felt bad about that. But it’s hard to get it all on our calendar. Living down the road from the Breezy, I thought I would make it up to Mark by stopping in and taking some pictures. Mark was glad to see me and kindly offered me a glass of wine. He said “I’m glad you came.” Then he said, “You know, I’ve been reading the magazine online but I’m not sure what your focus is.” I have gotten to know Mark and truly enjoy him for his candor and unique sense of humor. It goes beyond just building a relationship with an advertiser.

He got me thinking. Yes, when one goes to Warwick Valley Living’s website, one discovers a variety of subject matter and that might lead one to wonder what our central theme is. Just look at our menu tabs and you see that we traverse a broad spectrum. When I started the publication, I may have been a little more ambitious than reality would allow. With only 24 hours in a day and not many writers to push out content, I discovered I couldn’t get to everything myself. That made me even more in awe of the NY Times. And very envious that we did not have a writing staff.

Two weeks ago if you had read our publication you would have discovered a memoir, a TV review on a national television program, an announcement regarding a documentary film showing at the Tribeca film festival in NYC, and a featured event with the Gabriele Tranchina quartet, which is this Saturday night at Silvio’s Italian Villa in Warwick (Read more). We also produce an extensive events calendar and occasionally promote an event or two. If I’ve been consistent about anything, it is our weekly calendar that our publication seems to be noted for.

In response to Mark I said, “We do have a great events calendar. Maybe I should just focus our publication around events. What do you think?” He didn’t say anything. “Actually Mark I really didn’t mean that,” correcting myself. “There is something about writing stories that interests me. And I’m a liberal arts man. I’m into the macro. I can’t be bothered with specialized subject matter. That would eliminate much of our audience.”

Mark remained silent . Then I said, “Our publication is centered around culture, education and art. Our aim is to be the PBS of the Warwick Valley.” When I said it, it sounded a bit hollow and untrue, maybe even a little high falutin. With all of our advertisers, I also provide coverage of business. We are a for profit business, unlike PBS, making it on a very thin margin. So what are we really focused on? What is our niche? The Warwick Valley?

A young girl wearing a well fitted outfit from the Depot flashed her bright smile as I was sipping on the wine. I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. Another girl, a little older, paraded out in another Depot outfit, equally as beautiful and I snapped her picture. Then a few adults came out, each wearing more clothing from this outfitter.

I said, “Mark, Warwick Valley Living is about the talented people that live in our neighborhood, like these models.” It was a revelation for me. Perhaps I am a source for producing and showcasing talents through our publication. Though we aim to promote businesses, as a publisher what I am most focused on is promoting  people working together, through their talents, to create a more positive and creative environment. 

After the event, I enjoyed a drive through Greenwood Lake going towards Warwick traveling over the majestic Mt. Peter pass, where I stopped at Bellvale Creamery and looked out at a view of the Warwick Valley. Then I made my way to the Seligmann Center for the Arts, where I enjoyed a great fundraising concert courtesy of the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival (Read more). Taking pictures, I was focused on the talent of musicians playing their hearts and souls out and vowed too that was worthy of writing about.

Discovering the Warwick Valley, that’s what we are about. But don’t hold me to it. The world is wide open and anything is possible.