Ghost Tours2

Monroe, NY – Take a trip back in time and experience the tales from the other side. Ghost Tours at Museum Village will take you on a journey through history and into the depths of another world. Hear the stories of all of our spirits; feel the vortex in some of our buildings; shiver at the sudden gust of cold; and, from the corner of your eye, glimpse the shadowy little girl wandering through the village green.


Ellen Picture 2This year, Museum Village is offering two unique and thrilling experiences to bring you closer than ever to the ghosts who "live" atthe museum. Choose to have Ellen Devine Warren, The Warwick Medium, guide you through a historical journey of the village and then channel the spirits waiting to speak to you. Or, just take an evening stroll with Christine through this 19th Century village while discovering the history of the buildings and the village and hearing the stories of some of our extraordinary sightings.

Admission is $30.00 per person (ages 15 and older) with Ellen and $20.00 per person with Christine. Payment is required when making your reservation. Each session is limited to thirteen adventurous souls.

For more information and available dates to sign up for this adventure into the unknown, please call Lori at (845)782-8247 ext 1 Monday
– Friday, 10:00AM – 2:00PM 

Museum Village is a living history museum preserving a vast collection of eclectic, 19th century artifacts for educational purposes. Using these artifacts and reproductions, we provide hands-on experiences and exhibits illustrating the transition from a rural to an industrial culture and economy in America, provoking thought and discussion about history.

Photo of Ellen Devine Warren