WVL Takes on Amazon


You have heard it from the horse's mouth (or rear side), the publisher of WVL himself (My co-publisher, Kerryl Ann, would not approve of this blasphemy). So let me explain, because any rationale plebe knows that a small online publication focused on promoting positive community living could never take on like Amazon, say any more than peace loving Costa Rica could knock off the Roman Empire.

What I meant to say is that WVL has opened its doors to local online shopping. Modestly speaking, we have started a multi-vendor shopping cart (called the Shopping Plaza, named after the illustrious Garden State Plaza), enabling sellers (merchants and artists) from the area to participate, sell their goods and services, and get paid directly.

Now, we are waiting for sales to roll in, vendors to come on board and monarchs to behold this swelling scene. We've invited Queen Elizabeth to our first ribbon cutting, somewhere out there in cyberspace. We envision buyers flocking to our site, so that we have to run out and hire more geeks to handle our explosive sales. As an online shopper, we urge you to turn your directions from Amazon and come to Daddy.

The cost to join as a vendor is only $200, with other terms that are not so onerous (Click here for terms). We are thankful to the new vendors who have joined us, including Forever Jewelers, the Elaine Sgambati Art Gallery, Sonoda Silver and Style, The Eclectic Eye, Pacem in Terris, The Harvest Antique Barn, Chosun Tae Kwondo, and other merchants and artists from the area. Visit our SHOPPING PLAZA and see who is selling what.

WVL is an expanding publication illuminating a path towards enlightened community living. We strive to make a difference by promoting local events and advertisers, publishing stories of noteworthy interest and even, only if we have to, taking on the folks at Amazon with our chariot and fleet footed horses.Smile