Keith Michael Whitehead

Warwick, NY - Keith Michael Whitehead, popularly known by his stage name of Koncept, is an American rapper, emcee and songwriter who was born in Queens, NY and later attended high school in Warwick, NY. Koncept will perform at Pennings Farm on Friday, April 8 at 10:00pm. Tickets are $10 at the door (doors open at 9pm.)

Koncept is a storyteller with a warrior-like determination. His smooth delivery and insightful and intense lyrics are inspirational and empowering for listeners. “Every time I step on stage, every time I grab a microphone, every performance, every word I write, every song I make, has my whole heart in it,” declared Koncept on Instagram earlier this year referencing his 2015 performance in Warwick, NY.

 Like many who grew up in Warwick, NY, Koncept (Keith) is a former employee of Pennings Farm. Working as a farm laborer, he developed a great respect and love for the farm and the Pennings family. His return to the farm as a performer comes from this strong connection to his roots.

This will be Koncept’s second time returning home for a public performance since collaborating with J57 in 2015 to release his EP, The Fuel, which received positive reviews from notable magazines including Respect Magazine, DJ Booth, HipHopDX and The Source. The Fuel was mixed and mastered in Red Bull Studios, LA, but Koncept’s vocals were recorded at local studio, Kon’s Taco Booth, in Warwick, NY.

Samples of Koncept’s recordings can be found at and on www.youcom/ustube.ceptciner/Konemas?feature=watch. EP releases from The Fuel can be downloaded through iTunes and streamed through Pandora.