Kudos to Warwick resident Dave Smith for contributing the audio post production for Lookalike Productions documentary on Pat Summit, the winningest basketball coach in college history. Summit was recently diagnosed with Alzeihmer’s Disease and the producers, formerly of ABC Sports and NBC Sports, came up with the idea of having her friends and former players record themselves with Nikon cameras .

“The audio production was a particular challenge,” says Smith. “I had to remove the background noise from the camera interviews.  The project took about 4 weeks of concentrated focus.” Smith who is a former employee at ABC Sports as well, from 1992 – 2006,  keeps himself busy with many freelance projects that in part have come about through years working at ABC.  For Lookalike Productions, Smith also worked on the audio post production of Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls and Rise, a story about the Olympic skating team. Currently he is working on commercial work for Reebok and Crossfit.

The title of the documentary is Pat XO and will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st and April 27th. For more, go to


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