Women’s Spring Fashion Update (2013)

What’s fashionable these days in women’s clothing depends on who you are talking to and where you are shopping. With a limited number of places that I was able to visit, several clothing retailers shared their perspective on what’s trending and allowed me to photograph some of their stock.

At the Style Counsel in Warwick – what's in style covers a gamut of clothing ranging between black and white garments to bright colors across clothing lines. Popular tastes include vintage and retro dresses spanning decades, bright and subdued floral themes, lace garments, summery colors, polka dots, and hot pinks. Brands included but were not limited to Tribal, Bali, Loco Lindo, Chetta B, Cable and Gauge and more.

According to co-owner Bob Maxwell, “It’s a time anything they love can happen.”


Clothing at the Style Counsel

At The Depot in West Milford, some of what’s trending include colors like purple, blue and green, yellow, printed pants with designs, tunic tops, beach wear, garments made out of 100% cotton,  crochet vests, and much more. Popular brands include Tribal, Jess and June, Lulu B, Woolrich/Columbia


Clothing at the The Depot

At Avanti in Warwick, Donna Martin says that there are no rules when it comes to style. “For today's woman, it's all about wearing clohes that make her feel confident and finding the right cut to suit her figure. We are lucky to live in a time that no matter what a woman wears as long as she wears it with confidence and it makes her happy, you might say that she’s in style.”

What’s trending includes a lot of lace and bold jeweled toned hues. “I find there is a bit of retro look – 50’s inspired styling, with favorite colors like deep and pastel blues, pinks, corals, tangerines. Ankle-skimming pants also look fresh these days. Emerald green was named color of the year by the Pantone Color Counsel."

Arianne, Donna Morgan, Effie’s Heart, Casual Studio are just a few of the brands you will find in the store.


Clothing at Avanti