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Word of mouth travels fast, and Bellvale Market, located on 17A in Warwick, should prove no exception to this rule. With a wide selection of quality fresh fish, an assortment of homemade salads, quality meat and poultry, freshly made sauces and soups, a full scale deli, produce and breads, and many more specialties of the house, the word has quickly gotten out, driving locals to discover what's in store. 

I was impressed for many reasons, first and foremost the quality of fresh fish that looked extremely appetizing. I like to see fresh tuna steaks with little fat and a deep hue of ruby that looks like its just been cut. Their tuna steaks fit the bill. I'm also looking forward to sinking my teeth into their wild jumbo shrimp, their whole fish, wild and organic Scottish Salmon, and wide range of shellfish, including fresh lobster tails, all delivered directly from the Fulton Fish Market

Owners and brothers Steve and Rick Pregiato are veterans to this business and seem to be going full force to create a hot new destination that will sell itself. Steve is also the owner of J & R Lobster, a fish market in Suffern, NY and Rick has worked at the Best of Little Italy in Monroe, NY, which also offers many homemade products, deli items and delicious foods. 

You will have to see for yourself what they have in store. I could spend a couple of more paragraphs making your mouth water, but why spoil the surprise. Take a ride to Bellvale Market, pick up some fresh fish or anything else that strikes your fancy and eat your heart out.

Clearly the word has gotten out since their recent opening. Soon after I arrived, there was a nice buzz in the store and a steady stream of new clientele waiting to give Bellvale Market a chance to prove themselves worthy of the trip.

 For more information about Bellvale Market, click here