Dear Editor:

There is only one reasonable solution to the three-year legislative debate over our Government Center’s future. It should be sold, put on the tax rolls, restored to its former status as a world landmark and repurposed as a world-class center for the  arts. A leading American architect has offered to purchase it and even to assist in the design of an entirely new and more efficient government center alongside it.  This  historic landmark building would continue to attract tourists but also transform Goshen and our county into an important cultural destination. While politicians scramble to lure gamblers to our communities they miss an opportunity to attract cultural icons as well. 

This golden opportunity also makes sound financial sense. It enhances local employment to both construction workers and future occupiers of the buildings.  It entails a less complex reconstruction project and saves taxpayers millions of dollars.  It provides space for artists to create and to exhibit their work. And it ensures the  restoration and revitalization of Goshen one of our state’s most architecturally diversified historic communities. 

This win-win situation makes common sense. Why do elected officials dither?  Do they lack vision, imagination, courage, decisiveness and business sense to move forward? Costly partial demolition and reconstruction defaces one of our architectural treasures and dishonors  fellow citizens who in the early 1970s crafted a new constitution, devised a new form of more representative county government and gave physical expression to their dreams by constructing a world-class building.  Sadly, their successors want to demolish it.

WE the PEOPLE must ensure that doesn’t happen.  Contact your legislators today and let them know your opinion.