Lightroom Studios Expanding into Video Production

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Lightroom Studios (West Milford), a fully digital and state-of-the-art photography studio, recently expanded their business offerings, adding video production, both commercial and documentary, to their list of capabilities. It’s a big step for them, as they have invested thousands of dollars in purchasing equipment.


Owner Joe Janisheski said, “Our new video camera, the Red Scarlet Cinema Camera, is the same camera many Hollywood sets are using to film. Our investment in lights as well will ensure proper exposure to create the right atmosphere, drama and mood depending on the settings used. Together, this package, alongside our talent, is capable of creating phenomenal small film and promotional videos."

Looking to produce high quality video that is unparalled, they see an opportunity for producing promotional videos throughout the area and beyond. "Living in a visual age, being well represented in a media format is a huge platform for your business or organization. Think of it as a digital business card that fully represents you and what you do; a visual blueprint to how your business or group functions and what you and your team are really like. Promotional pieces allow a look into your world and give your clients and supporters a means to being involved and sharing you to the world; thereby putting a face to the positive experience they will tell people about."

Videographer and filmmaker Sean Conlon, who has served various internships in the past and has become a real student of the art of film and video making, leads the way with his skills and artistic vision. 

Check out a recent video created by Lightroom Studios featuring West Milford's Autumn Lights Festival.